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LB Post Articles Highlight “Urban Revival” Aspirations

Urban revival. The term is thrown around about as frequently, and with as much weight, as the term “fusion” is in the culinary world. Both phrases seek to say something very simple in a fanciful way. Essentially, urban revival refers to the recent movement to re-make our cities more pedestrian friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and environmentally sound.
A couple of news articles in the July print edition of Long Beach Post provide an interesting perspective on how this concept is applied in Long Beach.

In her article “The 10 Worst Decisions in Long Beach History”, writer Allison Jean Eaton provides a voice rarely heard in Los Angeles County- one that looks to the mistakes of the past to learn how the future can be made that much better. She is willing to look lovingly at her city and admit that we’ve messed a few things up.

I was surprised to see problems caused by The Queen Mary on her list. When I moved here, I thought of it like I do the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. The Arch is a historical monument to Westward expansion and the exploits of Lewis, Clark and Sacajawea. For many, the view of the Queen Mary evokes the same sense of history and desire that the Arch does. Maybe The City of Long Beach just needs to rethink the use of space, much like St. Louis is doing with the Gateway Arch.

Also appearing in the July edition is an article called “The Future of the Long Beach Civic Center” by Brian Ulaszewski. In it, he highlights the problems with the current center, and the possibility of a new use of space to bring about the activity it was meant to bring to downtown.

I recommend picking up a copy of the paper or visiting them online. Resources like the Long Beach Post are invaluable.

The Articles from LBPost.com:
The 10 Worst Decisions in Long Beach History
The Future of the Long Beach Civic Center

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